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NOTE: This is a secure site. You must be a current member of the Executive Committee to read the posted documents below this line.  Please direct questions to the CSS Director of Operations, Antonella Ferrara.

December 2023 Meeting (Singapore)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2023 Meeting (Laguna Beach)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2023 Meeting (San Diego)

June ExCom Minutes

April 2023 Meeting (Stockholm)

April ExCom Minutes

December 2022 Meeting (Cancun)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2022 Meeting (London)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2022 Meeting (Atlanta, Georgia)

June ExCom Minutes

April 2022 Meeting (Milan)

April ExCom Minutes

December 2021 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of Austin, Texas)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2021 Meeting (Cyberspace)

October ExCom Minutes

May 2021 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of New Orleans, USA)

May ExCom Minutes

April 2021 Meeting (Cyberspace)

April ExCom Minutes

December 2020 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of Jeju Island, Republic of Korea)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2020 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of Mysore, India)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2020 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of Denver, USA)

June ExCom Minutes

May 2020 Meeting (Cyberspace in lieu of Boston, USA)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2019 Meeting (Nice, France)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2019 Meeting (San Diego, USA)

October ExCom Minutes

July 2019 Meeting (Philadelphia, USA)

July ExCom Minutes

May 2019 Meeting (Reykjavik, Iceland)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2018 Meeting (Miami Beach, USA)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2018 Meeting (Irvine, USA)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2018 Meeting (Milwaukee, USA)

June ExCom Minutes

May 2018 Meeting (Como, Italy)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2017 Meeting (Melbourne, Australia)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2017 Meeting (Taipei, Taiwan)

October ExCom Minutes

May 2017 Meeting (Seattle, USA)

May ExCom Minutes

April 2017 Meeting (Venice, Italy)

April ExCom Minutes

December 2016 Meeting (Las Vegas, USA)

December ExCom Minutes

November 2016 Meeting (Boston, USA)

November ExCom Minutes

July 2016 Meeting (Boston, USA)

July ExCom Minutes

May 2016 Meeting (Munich, Germany)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2015 Meeting (Osaka, Japan)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2015 Meeting (Gainesville, Florida)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2015 Meeting (Chicago, Illinois)

June ExCom Minutes

May 2015 Meeting (Padova, Italy)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2014 Meeting (Los Angeles, CA)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2014 Meeting (Boston, MA)

October ExCom Minutes

June 2014 Meeting (Portland, OR)

June ExCom Minutes

May 2014 Meeting (London, England)

May ExCom Minutes

December 2013 Meeting (Florence, Italy)

December ExCom Minutes

October 2013 Meeting (Stuttgart, Germany)

October ExCom Minutes

May 2013 Meeting (Kyoto, Japan)

May ExCom Agenda

May ExCom Minutes

December 2012 CDC Meeting (Maui, HI)

December ExCom Agenda

December ExCom Minutes

November 2012 Meeting (Boston, MA)

November ExCom Minutes

November ExCom Agenda

June 2012 ACC Meeting (ACC' 12:Montreal, Canada)

June ExCom Agenda

May 2012 Meeting (Beijing, China)

May ExCom Agenda

December 2011 Meeting (Orlando, FL)

December ExCom Agenda

November 2011 Meeting (Santa Barbara, CA)

November 2011 Minutes

November ExCom Agenda

August 2011 CSS Planning Meeting(Milan, Marriott)

August ExCom extended Minutes

June 2011 ACC Meeting (ACC' 11: San Francisco, CA)

June ExCom Agenda

June 2011 Minutes

May 2011 Meeting (Dublin)

May ExCom Agenda and Action Items

May 2011 Minutes

December 2010 CDC Meeting (CDC' 10: Atlanta, Georgia)

December ExCom Agenda

Demember 2010 Minutes

November 2010 Meeting (University of Irvine, CA)

November ExCom Agenda and Action Items

November 2010 Minutes

June 2010 ACC Meeting (ACC' 10 Baltmore, MD)

June ExCom Agenda and Action Items

June 2010 Minutes

May 2010 Meeting (Torino, Italy)

May 2010 Minutes

Dec 2009 Meeting (CDC' 09: Shanghai, China)

December 2009 Minutes

Nov 2009 Meeting (UAE University)

November 2009 Minutes

November ExCom Agenda

November ExCom Meeting Action items

June 2009 Meeting (ACC'09: St. Louis, Missouri)

June 2009 Minutes

June ExCom Meeting Action Items

May 2009 Meeting (Venice, Italy)

May 8, & 9, 2009 Agenda

Action Items

December 2008 Meeting (CDC'08: Cancun, Mexico)

November 2008 Meeting (Boston, MA)

November 2008 Agenda (Boston, MA)

June 2008 Meeting (ACC'08: Seattle, WA)

May 2008 ExCom Meeting (Boston, MA)

May 2008 Agenda & Action Items

December 2007 ExCom Meeting (CDC'07: New Orleans, LA)

December 2006 ExCom Meeting (CDC'06: San Diego, CA)

December 2006 Agenda & Action Items

December 2006 Minutes

November 2006 ExCom Meeting (Boston, MA)

November 2006 Agenda & Action Items

November 2006 Minutes

June 2006 ExCom Meeting (ACC'06: Minneapolis, MN)

June 2006 Agenda & Action Items

June 12, 2006 Minutes

June 13, 2006 Minutes

June 15, 2006 Minutes

May 2006 ExCom Meeting (Boston, MA)

May 2006 Agenda & Action Items

May 2006 Minutes

December 2005 ExCom Meeting (CDC-ECC'05: Seville, Spain)

December 2005 Agenda & Action Items

December 2005 Minutes

November 2005 ExCom Meeting (Chicago, IL)

November 2005 Agenda & Action Items

November 2005 Minutes

June 2005 ExCom Meeting (ACC'05: Portland, Oregon)

June 2005 Agenda & Action Items

June 6, 2005 Minutes

June 7, 2005 Minutes

June 9, 2005 Minutes

May 2005 ExCom Meeting (Champaign, IL)

May 2005 Agenda & Action Items

May 2005 Minutes

December 2004 ExCom Meetings (CDC'04: Paradise Island, Bahamas)

December 2004 Agenda & Action Items

December 12, 2004 Minutes

December 13, 2004 Minutes

December 16, 2004 Minutes

November 2004 ExCom Meeting (Seattle, WA)

November 2004 Agenda & Action Items

November 2004 Minutes

June 2004 ExCom Meeting (ACC'04: Boston, MA)

June 2004 Agenda & Action Items

June 28, 2004 Minutes

June 29, 2004 Minutes

June 30, 2004 Minutes

May 2004 ExCom Meeting (Knoxville, TN)

May 2004 Action Items

May 2004 Agenda

May 2004 Minutes

December 2003 ExCom Meeting (CDC'03: Maui, Hawaii)

December 2003 Action Items

December 2003 Agenda

December 7, 2003 Minutes

December 8, 2003 Minutes

December 11, 2003 Minutes

November 2003 ExCom Meeting (Boise, Idaho)

November 2003 Action Items

November 2003 Agenda

November 2003 Minutes

June 2003 ExCom Meeting (ACC'03: Denver, CO)

June 2003 Action Items

June 2003 Agenda

June 2, 2003 Minutes

June 3, 2003 Minutes

June 5, 2003 Minutes

May 2003 ExCom Meeting (San Antonio, TX)

May 2003 Action Items

May 2003 Agenda

May 2003 Motions

May 2003 Minutes

December 2002 ExCom Meeting (CDC'02: Las Vegas, NV)

December 2002 Agenda

December 8, 2002 Minutes

December 9, 2002 Minutes

December 12, 2002 Minutes

November 9-10 ExCom Meeting (Chicago O'Hare Airport)

November 2002 Agenda

November 2002 Minutes

May 2002 ExCom Meetings (ACC'02: Anchorage, AK)

May 2002 Agenda

May 6, 2002 Minutes

May 7, 2002 Minutes

May 9, 2002 Minutes

April 2002 ExCom Meeting (Brooklyn, NY)

April 2002 Agenda

April 2002 Minutes

December 2001 ExCom Meeting (CDC'01: Orlando, FL)

December 2, 2001 Minutes

December 3, 2001 Agenda

December 3, 2001 Minutes

December 6, 2001 Agenda

December 6, 2001 Minutes

November 2001 ExCom Meeting (Seattle, WA)

November 2001 Agenda

November 2001 Minutes

June 2001 ExCom Meeting (ACC'01: Arlington, VA)

June 2001 Agenda

June 24, 2001 Minutes

June 26, 2001 Minutes

May 2001 ExCom Meeting (Baltimore, MD)

May 2001 Agenda

May 2001 Minutes

Antonella Ferrara
Director of Operations, IEEE CSS
Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
University of Pavia
Via Ferrata 5
27100 Pavia