IEEE Control Systems Society

Photos from Various Meetings


December 2017 BoG Meeting, Melbourne, Australia

October 2017 ExCom Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan

April 2017 ExCom Meeting, Venice, Italy


December 2016 CDC Conference, Las Vegas, USA

May 2016 ExCom Meeting, Munich, Germany


December 2013 CDC Conference, Florence, Italy

May 2013 ExCom Meeting, Stuttgart, Germany


December 2012 CDC Conference, Maui, Hawaii

May 2012 ExCom Meeting, Beijing, China


December 2011 CDC, Orlando, FL


May 2007 ExCom Meeting, Boston, MA


December 2006 ExCom and BoG Meetings, San Diego, CA

November 2006 ExCom Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts

June 2006 ExCom and BoG Meetings, 2006 ACC, Minneapolis, MN

May 2006 ExCom Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts


December 2005: CDC-ECC'05: Banquet

December 2005: CDC-ECC'05: Excom, BoG, TC Control Education Session

December 2005: CDC-ECC'05, Awards Ceremony (professional photographer photos)

November 2005 ExCom Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

June 2005 ExCom and BoG Meetings, 2005 ACC, Portland, Oregon

May 2005 ExCom Meeting, Champaign, Illinois


CSS Photo History by J. Douglas Birdwell

Past Presidents attending CDC'04

December 2004 Banquet Photos

December 2004 VIP Reception Photos

December 2004 ExCom & BoG Meetings, Paradise Island, Bahamas

November 2004 ExCom Meeting, Seattle, WA

May 2004 ExCom Meeting, Knoxville, TN


December 2003 Award Photos (professional photographer)

December 2003 VIP Reception, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 CDC Photos, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 Awards Ceremony and Banquet, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 ExCom Meeting, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 BoG Meeting, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 High School Workshop at CDC'03, Maui, Hawaii

December 2003 Women in Control Workshop at CDC'03, Maui, Hawaii

November 2003 Executive Committee Meeting, Boise, Idaho

May 2003 Executive Committee Meeting, San Antonio, TX


December 2002 Executive Committee Meeting, Las Vegas, NV

December 2002 Board of Governors Meeting, Las Vegas, NV

November 2002 Executive Committee Meeting, Chicago, IL